We are living during a remarkable economic paradigm shift. The comfortable security that comes from working for the same large company for 30-years no longer exists, and the power of the internet is allowing the growth of individual entrepreneurship to occur at a revolutionary pace. There is no shortage of startup stories coming out of Silicon Valley. We all know about the flip-flop-clad CEO who lived on Ramen Noodle until he traded up for caviar before he was 30 (I… I envy you, by the way). These guys were writing code before most of us learned to read, and they are creating interesting apps and hardware that can scale at the viral-rate expected in the internet age.  So then is it time shake off our n00bness and start studying 1337-speak? Is that the only path for a startup?

The answer is definitively no; any company testing a new market with tight funds is a startup. There are plenty of new companies sprouting up every day that innovate without a team of developers, and that is what we are interested in sharing on this site. Tech Startups have a wonderful following and it is time less-technically-inclined entrepreneurial teams have a place to share their stories too. Are all of these kinds of ventures completely tech-free? I hope not. Every company should be utilizing the internet and new media, as well as the variety of available software and technology that make small business easier. This is why, of course, you find yourself reading a paradoxically Non-tech focused website (that also has a linkedin group you should check out).

So there you have it: you don’t have to be a hacker to start something new. Here’s a smart guy that explains why that is the case. This article was the impetus for this site’s creation and it’s a great place to get started on the blog.

Do you have a new(ish) venture you are working on? (We are interested in former-startup-turned-success stories as well, of course) Head over to the contact page and get your story featured on this blog.

 The “Team”


Two for two on a Claw-Machine; J.D. is truly the embodiment of 'Success'.

Despite receiving a degree in Biology and splitting his time equally on both sides of employment ever since, J.D. is enamored with all flavors of business success stories. Having failed to grasp computer science (as well as any musical instrument), he has grown particularly interested in business ideas that do not revolve around proprietary high-technology or software. Constantly scouring the available media for these stories, J.D. has collected an assortment of anecdotes for which he has no audience. “Perhaps it is time to consolidate all of these Non-Tech Startup stories in one place?” he thought. Boom. Website. When J.D. isn’t writing in the third person (or the majestic plural), he is wondering how long he needs to write about a subject before he can call himself an “expert”on it. Time will tell.

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